3 Reasons why you need a Zwakala T-shirt

Our T-shirts are legendary, and very rare to find! If you've bought one of the limited releases, count yourself lucky. We recently found the perfect T-shirts for you - these are the 3 reasons why you will want one;

1. 100% South African

All are sewn in South Africa to the highest quality standards using 100% South African fabric. The fabric has been made with a long last finish as well. The local content of the garment not only boosts employment, but reduces the t-shirts carbon footprint. 

2. Eco-Friendly Prints

The prints are water-based, soft, breathable and can be ironed on directly (no more sweaty plastic!). In addition, all the inks used on our shirts have

~European ECO passports

~GOTS soil certificates

~100% formaldehyde free


3. Bound to start a conversation

We've heard tales of lifelong friendships that have been made simply through wearing a Zwakala T-shirt. People have even been chased down on the streets of London to find out where they can find one. 

If you own one of the original elusive Zwakala T-shirt's, post a picture, tag us & tell us how you feel about your shirt? 



Katherine Smit