Meet XAP XAP! Our collab New England IPA

Xap Xap also known as shap shap is a favourite South African phrase, meaning everything from ‘I understand’ to ‘that’s good.’ It’s one of our many words that could be used over and over in a conversation and each time it would describe something totally different. You don’t need much to communicate as long as you can say, ‘xap xap!’ 

Xap Xap is a passionate collaboration brew with Drifter Brewing Company in Cape Town. Although we are two breweries on opposite sides of the country, we don’t need to say much for a collaboration to spark. Head brewers, Luca and Nick just start throwing around flavour ideas and then ‘xap xap’! A beautiful beer is brewed.

tasting notes

When you crack open this vibrant bottle, your sensors will be ecstatic with the hoppy & fruity aromas of this NEIPA. Pour it into a glass to see the beautiful hazy mellow yellow colour. You should pick up passion fruit & citrus flavours from the hops and a bitter but smooth finish.

6% ABV


limited edition


Collab Brew