South Africa's Best Light Beer


The National Beer Trophy 2019 is truly national. Although the majority of breweries are located in the Western Cape, Zwakala Brewery - the most northern brewery in the country - took home an incredible achievement for such a young brewery.

The Limpopo Lager is crisp and refreshing - qualities obtained from the exceptional brewing skills of Luca Tooley, Zwakala’s head brewer. Coupled to that is the exceptional quality of the mountain water they use to brew with. The Lager is now a double gold award winner having won a gold in 2016 too - Zwakala’s first year of brewing. Taking home the award in 2019 of the “Best Light Beer in South Africa” is a phenomenal achievement and one that Limpopo fans can really be proud of.

Head to the brewery to experience something quite unique in our young democracy and for Limpopo, in particular - a multi-racial South African vibe that celebrates beer, local businesses, family & music.

Katherine Smit