5 reasons to choose beer as your wedding favour

Lets face it, wedding favours often remain forgotten on the table. Here are five reasons why a beer with a

customised label will take home the 2017 Wedding Favour award.

1. Men

Yes, men tend to wear the same suit for a few years, but its time that we move away from idiotic jumping photos and actually get thanked for looking quite decent for once in our lives.   

2. Pre-wedding bliss

Enough with the ribbons! Brides, this is one area you can hand over to your hubby - no ribbons attached.

Part of his research will take place in a brewery - who said wedding prep isn't fun?

3. Your face on a label

Think of the many pre-wedding photos you had to take with your better half.

You paid a fortune for them so why not stick them on a bottle so that your guests can remember how handsome you were in your twenties. 

4. Many post-wedding uses

The post-wedding uses are endless. Think ashtray, flower jar, candle holder.

You just recycled, earning you bonus points with your sustainability friends. 

5. Women

Quite simply, women who drink beer are quite lekka. But for the majority who won't drink thewedding favour, there will be more for you!

To organise those wedding favours contact us below and we can chat over a cold one. 

With love and hoppiness,


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